German National Football Team

My interest in German football team was gradually started when I watched final match of Germany and Brazil last 2002 FIFA World Cup at Yokohama, Japan. I remembered Ronaldo who made two goals that makes Brazil winner of that big game. The glorious Michael Ballack was there and even Oliver Kahn as the goalkeeper. Both countries worked together and nothing was to blame if one lost. After four years, 2006 FIFA World Cup was held and Germany and I immediately visited its official website to see all the players of German team. This was also the start of my deep knowing of Jens Nowotny.

The fact on my interest with this team is that my mother who took primary and secondary education in Catholic school which is run by the German nuns in Manila. Why were those nuns here in my country while the Philippines were colonized by Spain? After the Spain surrendered to the Americans and gave up its colonies, the US took the Philippines, together with Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guam, over and liberalize everything including the religion. That time, many Non-Spanish religious orders and congregations came to our country (During the Spanish era, only Spanish religious orders were allowed). In the subject of physical education, my mother had studied and played football but the German football was introduced.

Perhaps, I inherited this interest with Germany when it comes to football. If the Philippines entered the FIFA World Cup. I'll give my support but never drop German team.

Last June 27, I watched the match of Germany and England which was held at Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein, South Africa (10:00pm, Manila time) and was happy with their scores of 4-1, respectively. On July 3, there will a quarterfinal match of Germany and Argentina which will be held at Cape Town, South Africa.

Update (July 4; 9:41pm-Manila Time): I watched again the match between Germany and Argentina. Germany won with the goal of 4-0.

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