Nowotny is the German spelling of the common Czech surname Novotny, also widespread in Austria and Germany. Novotny, however, is derived from Slavic novy which means "new"; originally a name for someone who was new to a village.

People with this surname:

Chris Nowotny - (1928 - 1989), a German photographer
Christa Maria Manley (née Nowotny) - mother of Princess Alexandra of Denmark
Eva Nowotny (1944- ) - Austrian professor and ambassador
Ewald Nowotny (1944- ) - Austrian economist and politician
Helga Nowotny - Austrian sociologist
Jens Nowotny (1974- ) - German football (soccer) player
Karl Anton Nowotny (1904–1978), Austrian ethnographer, academic and Mesoamericanist scholar
Stanley "Stan Robert Nowotny - (?), an Australian football player
Walter Nowotny (1920-1944), German fighter pilot, Luftwaffe ace during World War II


One of Jen's symbols

Because of his tough authority, here's the image of one of his symbols:


The Meaning of His Name

His name Jens, a Scandinavian origin, is a Danish form of JOHN which is derived from Iohannes, the Latin form of the Greek name Ιωαννης (Ioannes), itself derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan) meaning "Yahweh is gracious".

This name owes its popularity to two New Testament characters, both highly revered saints. The first was John the Baptist, a Jewish ascetic who baptized at the Jordan Riverand was considered the forerunner of Jesus Christ. The second was the apostle John, who was long-lived apostle and loved by Christ. He also supposedly the author of the fourth Gospel and Revelation.

JENS NOWOTNY: A Devoted Lay Person of the Roman Catholic Church

"I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall never be hungry, and those who believes in me shall never be thirsty."
John 6:35

Jens Nowotny, a Roman Catholic, have been a lay person before his time of his career as a professional footballer. Although he was a captain of Bayer Leverkusen 04, he attends Holy Mass (perhaps at the Cologne Cathedral) together with his family and we know he is the busiest player because of his position on that German club. Indeed, his wife is a very religious person. He encourages his co-players to give time to God like praying, reading the Bible and attending the Holy Mass. Even at Zagreb, Croatia, he never neglects to attenc when he became a part of Dinamo Zagreb. Perhaps, he had seen the young people participating the Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth organized by Taizé Community last 2006 at that place. Most of the participants are from the youth. When it comes to interview, he also uses biblical passage as his reference for sharing a moral lessons.

Even he is retired from his career, he is still serving God. He is still an active lay person by means of sharing his knowledge on football to make the people happy especially from the youth and promote peace and order.


JENS NOWOTNY: God-Fearing Person

Jens had knee injuries many times when he was playing with Bayer Leverkusen 04 and even Dinamo Zagreb. For me, he is one of the luckiest persons in the whole world because God really loves and never leaves him as a child. Many footballers and other sportsmen who have no time and even forget to attend for worship according to their religion because of their spending most of their time with their career feel or notice themselves they haven't received any consequence from and no fear of God and what will happen to themselves if they neglect their duties and responsibilities with their faith especially those who commit the glory of their career and with their championships. Moreover, God gave that kind of consequence for his mistakes in his career as a professional footballer rather than the heaviest punishment or ultimatum be given to the person who doesn't encounter any consequences while they were living in this world.

God has a big plan for him more than from his previous career in the future in the field of the sports of football.

The Artworks of Jens Nowotny

For several years of searching of images of his, I had been thinking how can he have some artistic images. However, I should have a purpose of creating these artworks.

I made these images as a tribute for him as a football player.

My YouTube for Jens

I made this video for him as a dedication when the his farewell game was held last October 7, 2007. Unexpectedly, my video has the most number of viewers in all Nowotny's video in YouTube.

Because of that number of viewers and to add more videos about him as our support, I made another video of this.

How Do I Know Jens Nowotny?

FIFA World Cup 2006...it was held at Germany.

Since I watched the FIFA World Cup 2002 which was held in Japan (together with South Korea) because they reached the final game for championship with Brazil, Germany national football team have become my favorite team though Filipinos are apathetic with this kind of sports. Hence, at that year, I opened the official website of this grandiose event to see the team again and know its player; surmising the profiles and details of theirs. Until I see the image at the left that is something unusual, a strong impact of Nowotny's image strike to me because of his sacrosanct smile. I become curious with his image a its start because of these reasons: something with kingship, something priestly, something prophetic.

He looks as a courageous, brave, tough person. I think that he has iron fist and his commandment is a law. He has a sense of strong authority for me. Don't make aggressive, subversive, drastic altercations on him because he has a gun.

As a footballer, he uses football to promote peace, order, morality and values of the life of the person. He does something to make the people happy especially the kids by letting himself to play with football. He loves to shar
e all his knowledge in football.

As my first time to see his image, he looks like very religious person. He looks like a priest, or monk or even a saint. He, a Roman Catholic, also looks for me an active lay person of the Church. Furthermore, his wife, Michaela, is a very religious person.

I don't think on him a clairvoyant. However, their is something related with his career. The end of his career is a beginning of his new role in football. Football never drops him and he is not really fed up with that kind of sports. But, for me, he will have a great role become one of the most repsected person in the field of football in the future.

Insomuch that he is very good speaker and very passionate with the kids and youth, he is also good teacher for me. Moreover, for me, he looks like a professor or faculty member of the reputable university.