JENS NOWOTNY: God-Fearing Person

Jens had knee injuries many times when he was playing with Bayer Leverkusen 04 and even Dinamo Zagreb. For me, he is one of the luckiest persons in the whole world because God really loves and never leaves him as a child. Many footballers and other sportsmen who have no time and even forget to attend for worship according to their religion because of their spending most of their time with their career feel or notice themselves they haven't received any consequence from and no fear of God and what will happen to themselves if they neglect their duties and responsibilities with their faith especially those who commit the glory of their career and with their championships. Moreover, God gave that kind of consequence for his mistakes in his career as a professional footballer rather than the heaviest punishment or ultimatum be given to the person who doesn't encounter any consequences while they were living in this world.

God has a big plan for him more than from his previous career in the future in the field of the sports of football.

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